Scholarships Inspired by the

"Say Their Names" Movement

  • Deadline: June 30, 2021 @ 11:59pm

  • Available To: High School Seniors to College Seniors 

  • Student must live in Houston, TX, and attend the Back2School Drive on July 24, 2021.  

  • Award Amount: $1,000.00

  • Essay:

    • Must be typed in 12pt font, single spaced, 1 page in length

    • Prompt: After choosing one of the provided names, reflect upon how this person's life and death has impacted how you move throughout the world. In a one page essay, examine what saying their name means to you? How will you ensure that your life is a testament to the lesson(s) you have learned from his/hers? Feel free to explore any connections that his/her life's story has to yours. 

    • Please include Student Name on essay

  • Students may increase their chances of winning a scholarship by writing an essay on more than one person. 

  • One recipient will be chosen for each "Say Their Name" person. For example: If 5 students write about Huey P. Newton, only one student will be chosen. If no one writes about Huey P. Newton, there will not be a scholarship given at all in his name. 

latasha harlins.jpg

Denise McNair

Huey P. Newton

Latasha Harlins

Malcolm X

Philando Castillo

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