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Generation after generation follow in the footsteps of the BEST or the WORST of you. LaNai Whitaker believes in the BEST!

Inspired by her grandmother and mother, LaNai Whitaker knew that she was going to continue her family legacy by working to give back to her community. Her own start in life with committed support has led her to start a foundation called SIMPLY HELPING. Dedicated to providing on-campus students with the small things so that they can focus on the important things is something that she was taught by her grandmother and later by her mother. 


"My grandmother, Vernita Belcher,
would make sure the students at her

church always had a care package

before they left for school." She

adds that in addition, "Nai Whitaker,

my mother, carried on the tradition

by sending care packages to any child who asked her." These traditions gave Ms. Whitaker the determination to follow in both their footsteps. Her grandmother died December 2013, but her dedication did not die with her.  Coming from 2 generations of philanthropists who paved the way, Ms. Whitaker is paving the way for her sons to do the same.



My Sons

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